• Your Voice Counts

    We received a lot of complaints from our members and people who are affected by the changes. But, we want to hear you and help you overcome these issues. The government has implemented new changes regarding recycling, which in some way it can increase the prices, and fees and many business owners don’t agree. In […]

  • Top Concerns About MMBC

    Changes to BC’s recycling regulations has created an issue that has united BC business owners, local government officials and citizens against the looming takeover of curbside recycling for the whole province by Multi Material BC (MMBC). Who is opposed? The grassroots opposition comes from employers and entrepreneurs from across business sectors representing thousands of businesses […]

Hello and welcome to our website!

We are a government approved agency, which has been appointed to collect fees from businesses in order to pay waste collection in the province. We are trying to create a massive recycling system, and we are hoping to gain your support!

What are we all about



Our agency is designed to help all businesses in BC, and we want to make these changes acceptable. We understand that this will create additional issues for many companies, but we are here to help you.


Considering that every business in BC has to join MMBC agency, within the required regulations, a lot of business owners are skeptical that these changes will increase their costs.


Increased costs shouldn’t be your only concern because we are trying to achieve more significant things here. Create a province which will abide by the rules and at the same time protecting the environment.


The MMBC agency is created to help all business owners understand the rules and follow the regulations in our province. We want to create a better society which will protect our natural recourses.

Our Advantages

Bigger budget

With the more significant budget from the collected fees, we are planning to invest that money in future projects which will be focused on preserving natural recourses.

Introduction of blue box

From now on, not only companies but also residents will be able to participate in this campaign. You can throw milk cartons, coffee cups, aerosol containers, aluminum foil packaging and plant pots.

The support for the companies

Our agency will provide full support for all companies which are members of MMBC. You can get useful advice and terms of payment.

Serving the greater good

Your participation in this program will provide a significant role in our society. In this way, you will be creating a better community for future generations.


Here are some frequently asked questions that may interest many business owners and companies that may be affected by the regulations. So, if you have any further questions, which aren’t included in our list, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly respond. We are looking forward from hearing from you.

Multi Material BC (MMBC) describes themselves as follows:

MMBC is a not-for-profit agency established under the British Columbia Society Act, and is part of Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance Inc.’s (CSSA) family of recycling organizations.

MMBC have been selected by the B.C. Ministry of Environment as the only approved agent to collect fees from business to pay for curbside waste collection services in the province.